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Valerie Powell is Ready to Lead Simcoe North to a Green Party Victory!


See Elizabeth May for the Green Party's Vision for Canada on Sunday, May 1



On May 1, the Green Party of Canada presents its vision to Canadian voters with the world premiere of the half-hour television show: "May in Your House." For the first time in this election, voters will have a chance to hear about the Green Party's leader, history and platform. “May in Your House” airs Sunday, May 1 at 9:00pm EST/6:00pm PST on Business News Network (BNN) & CHEK-TV at 6:30-7pm PST, Victoria. A sneak preview is available at



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I voted GreenThe big day is almost here. Election day is this Monday, May 2.

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Earth Day in Simcoe North





Thinking of Strategic Voting?
Think Again! It won't work in Simcoe North



The Catch 22 website targets ridings that should use strategic voting to help defeat Harper. Simcoe North is NOT considered a target. This frees Green voters to vote with good conscience.

This strategy is backed up by data collected by Project Democracy, a non-profit organization that educates voters about voting strategically.



CBC Journalist Logs in on Strategic Voting



Mike Byers lives on Salt Spring Island, B.C., and doesn't think strategic voting is a good idea for Canada.



Read The Green Party Platform for the basics

For the full story read
"Vision Green"


After two years of speculation, threats, and false starts, we are going to the polls. We were promised a fixed election date every four years, yet we have had numerous elections in the past five years at a high cost to Canadians, with very little or no benefit.


Another broken election promise by the current government is 'accountability". The recent scandals, cover-ups, arrogance and contempt of parliament make me embarrassed of our country's leadership and even more committed to working for a True Democracy.


A true democracy will be reached when we achieve proportional representation. In the meantime our goal is to elect Green MPs within our current system.


I encourage everyone to look at the Values and Vision of political parties and choose the party that reflects your values and vision for a future Canada. What do you want Canada to look like in ten, twenty or fifty years? The only choice for me is the Green Party. And now that I am a grandmother, I know I cannot leave this country or this planet in the hands of people who are looking to the present economy without consideration for the future.


Our economy has survived some difficult times. This is mainly due to the fact that Canada is rich in resources. We need to plan for a sustainable economy which cannot be separated from a sustainable environment. This is a Smart Economy.


And during my campaign I will focus on the third major goal of the Green Party - Strong Commmunities.


Say get involved. Watch the issues and most of all be prepared to vote in May.


Valerie Powell, Green Party Candidate for Simcoe North & Seniors Critic

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